It is recommended that C-PAP patients replace certain pieces of equipment at specific times to ensure best results from the machine.
The standard recommendations are as follows;

  • C-PAP supplies are designed to be replaced periodically for maximum effectiveness in treating OSA.
  • C-PAP nasal cushions and pillows are designed to be replaced every 2 weeks and full face mask cushions once a month.
  • C-PAP tubing is designed to be replaced every 3 months.
  • C-PAP humidifier chambers are designed to be replaced every 6 months.
  • C-PAP disposable filters should be replaced every 2 weeks and the reusable filter replaced every 6 months.


Oregon Sleep Specialists can provide replacement masks, filters, tubing, machines and other accessories. Once you become one of our patients, you become a member of our Patient Satisfaction program which includes;

  • On-call RPSGT for patient meetings, advice and support
  • A 30-day mask guarantee program that allows our patients to find the right equipment fit.
  • Automatically receive new equipment and supplies in a regular, timely manner.
  • Oregon Sleep Specialists verifies your benefits with your insurance provider, prior to shipping your supplies, and will bill directly to your insurance company.